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Forrest Park Croquet News

Event: Forrest Park GC Summer Nights Doubles Team Competition

Location; Forrest Park CC. 66 Harold St Mt Lawley
Dates: Separate Competitions running Tuesday and Thursday nights
From Tuesday 14 February till Thursday 23 March
Format: Teams of 2 – 5 Players
Three games each night against one team with one point per win.
Timed games of 50 minutes.
Handicap cards will not be used
Entry: Email: Club Captain or register on the signup sheet in the clubrooms
Flyer: Click here to see the flyer. It contains more information than will fit here.

Long sleeve COTTON polos for the discerning Croquet Players. I swear they do not need ironing.

Marcus models a 100% Cotton polo shirt from JB Wear.

These shirts can be bought on ebay for less than $30. This is the hyperlink Julian gave me.

They also have cotton blend shirts, if anyone would want such a thing. This is the cotton/polyester link.

Gosnells One Day Singles Tournament

The Gosnells One day Singles tournament is so successful it now runs for two days at two venues! But I hope they never change the name!

On day one at Belmont, Forrest Park was represented by Brett McHardy, who won the day unbeaten. At Gosnells we had John Doepel (4 wins) Torben Bak (3 wins) and Joyce Carbone, who learned that a bout of COVID brought home by the grand kids is not performance enhancing. Hope you feel better soon, Joyce.

Day Two at Belmont; the plate competition was won by John Doepel, undefeated, in his second tournament win in two weeks! He was hard pressed by Brian Scott who makes everyone he stands near look like a munchkin, look a the photo below. Julian Clark continued his good form placing third.

Day Two at Gosnells had a very strong field, I hear Marty Clark likes to use this event as a hit-out for the State Squad.

The lightning fast lawns and undulating topology were too challenging for Marcus McGavock who barely inconvenienced the scorers (again) but played into the hands of the hard hitting Brett McHardy and Torben Bak, and to a lesser extent to Marty Clark who managed some finesse on the treacherous surface. In a stunning return to form Torben beat all comers and finished two wins ahead of Marty and Brett. Side note: it took Torben 2 hours to beat Marcus in the first game of the day.

State AC Doubles Championship. December 10 & 11, 2022

The State Association Croquet Doubles championship was conducted at Nedlands on December 10 and 11.

Forrest Park was represented by Marcus McGavock and Associate member Judith Nicholls who did not trouble the scorers at any stage, and by JOHN DOEPEL who teamed up with National GC Champion Gary Phipps. The closely fought contest was WON BY JOHN AND GARY!

This is John Doepel’s first state title, and I encourage everyone who realises how much he contributes to croquet in WA to shake his hand and / or buy him a beer!

Well done, John!

2022 Spring Pennants

C Grade Spring Pennants winners: Gerry Hunt, Nola Kimberley, Julian Clark & Lesley Storey

C-Grade Pennants

Our Forrest Park 1 C Grade team won the Spring Pennants competition. The team comprised Gerry Hunt (Pres.) Nola Kimberley, Julian Clark and Lesley Storey. They won every match, dropping only a few games in the process. The team was supplemented for one match by Colin Stewart who stepped in for Gerry Hunt. This was the first pennants competition for Lesley and Julian, and follows on from Lesley’s win in the Forrest Park C grade championship.

A-Grade Pennants

The A team of Janine & Brett McHardy, Chris McWhirter and Torben (Mc)Bak again prevailed in the A Grade Pennants Brett won 11 of 12 games, and Janine won 10 of her games.

Christmas Lunch 2022

I missed this because I was playing (not well) in an AC comp. It looks like everyone who came to the Christmas Lunch was a winner though. mmmm, Michael Murphy’s ham! (Not a double entendre nor a euphemism, just really good ham.)

2022 State B Grade championship: December 3 & 4

The State B Grade championship was contested at Forrest Park and Higgins Park in the first week of December, Forrest Park was represented by Julian Clark, Lesley Storey and Ed Parravicini At Higgins Park Julian burst out of the blocks and was an early leader after three games. The unrelenting competition from a strong field wore him down but overall he must be satisfied with his performance in this state event. Ed Parravicini started more slowly, and with one game left on day one was 2 places out of making the finals. A resounding win carried him into the playoff for the title. He won his semi-final and fought brilliantly against Steve Newbold from Halls Head in an outstanding final, but while Ed was great, Steve was perfect, and was a worthy champion.

FPCC Committee for 2022-23

The committee for 2022-23 is:

President:  Gerry Hunt           Secretary:  John Fletcher-Jones         Treasurer:    Kim Flatman

Committee Members:            Diana Wellby,   Gill Boehm,   John Doepel,   Lynley Swanson,    Marcus McGavock

Club Championships

The Club Championships for A, B, and C grades were all decided recently.

The C Grade Champion, at her first attempt for this title is Lesley Storey. We have great expectations for Lesley in the future. Ron Lunt played well losing just one game in the competition.

The B Grade Champion is the perennial contender and club favourite Ed Parravicini. Ed lost his first game in the competition but fought back, winning all his remaining games and his wins in the semi-final and final were emphatic. Joan Doepel played brilliantly to make it to the final, and Julian Clark looked a major threat until he met Ed in a semi-final. Diana Wellby played well to make the semi-final but could not get past Joan.

Our A Grade Champion is Brett McHardy. Brett went on the represent Forrest Park at the Champion of Champions tournament where he lost just one game to Paul Christmas of Geraldton. Brett was the City Champion.

Brett then went on the represent Forrest Park and WA and the Gold Medal, the event where all state Champions meet to determine the best player in the country. After a slow start Brett Came good and WON the Gold Medal.

Inter-State Shield.

Three Forrest Park members Janine McHardy, Brett McHardy and Chris McWhirter, plus two associate members Joyce Carbone and Judith Nicholls were in the team that represented Western Australia in the inter State Shield. The team performed exceptionally well, finishing a very close second to NSW. CroquetScores had WA on top as WA had won the more matches than NSW, but NSW pipped us because they had a better win/loss ratio.

Front Gate Access

The club has agreed with the City of Vincent that all gates to the club will now have a combination lock on them. If you are first to the Club on any day, please unlock the main gate and leave it open. If you are the last to leave of an evening please lock the main entry gate. To operate the lock, key in the number and press in the button on the bottom of the lock. The combination of the lock has been sent out to all members.  Details can be obtained by contacting by Michael Murphy on 0419 926 650.