Forrest Park Croquet Overview

Forrest Park Croquet (Forrest Park Croquet Club Inc, ABN 98 039 536 133) is a vibrant and fun club that offers a fantastic combination of sport and social events.  Throughout the year the club hosts social croquet play, regular Sundowners and members’ events and, for the more competitively minded, Croquet tournament play from beginners to the best in Australia, seriously!

Croquet is one of the few sports where men and women can play on equal terms, with only a few single-sex events on the calendar each year.

Click here if you’re interested in joining Forrest Park Croquet.

Feel free to drop by at any of our social playing times or go to our Contact Us page to leave your details. The club phone number is 08 6210 1690.  We are happy to arrange for an introduction to the quirky, but fascinating, game that is croquet.  We can guarantee you it’s not what you imagine!

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